Wednesday, Sep 22, 2021

September 22, 2021

September 2021

Panel 1
Tony: I just don’t get it… so, what, because I like to have big, grand adventures, you suddenly don’t want to be part of them any more?
Dave: Oh my GOD, it has NOTHING to do with that!

Panel 2
Dave: You went from making jokes about being an evil genius to ACTUALLY being an evil genius. Then, when that got boring, you started calling yourself a god. And you ACTUALLY managed to get other people to see you that way!

Panel 3
Dave: The problem is, you started to actually believe it yourself. That’s when it stopped being fun.
Tony: I have LITERAL control over the laws of physics! I have the ability to see anything that has ever happened, and anything that WILL happen! What part of that DOESN’T say “god to you?!”

Panel 4
Dave: YOU’RE FROM RANCHO FUCKING CORDOVA, TONY. We went to goddamn high school together!!
Tony: Rancho Cordova is basically the Nazareth of California.
Dave: OH MY GOD.