Monday, Sep 13, 2021

September 13, 2021

September 2021

Panel 1
Dave: Oh my god, THE MATRIX IS BACK!
Mae: Friggen’ RIGHT?! And in only a few months, too! It looks SO GOOD!

Panel 2
Dave: It’s like… the be-all end-all computer geek movie, and after Revolutions, I thought that would be the end of it!
Mae: And I mean, not just computer geeks - trans people too. It’s the ultimate trans allegory.

Panel 3
Dave: Everyone keeps saying that, and I just don’t get it.
Mae: It’s about someone who feels that something is wrong with the world, LITERALLY emerges from an egg, and embraces his true self while the agents repeatedly insist on only calling him by his old name.
Mae: Also, it was written by two trans women, both of whom have said explicitly that it’s a trans allegory.

Panel 4
Dave: But like… I relate to it though!
Mae; Huh. Weird.