Tuesday, Dec 8, 2020

December 8, 2020

December 2020

Panel 1
Mae: BEHOLD - the newest addition to our family.
Liz: It’s… a pot?

Panel 2
Mae: She is a STOCK pot, thank you very much. Don’t go associating her with the common RABBLE of our humdrum workaday cookware!
Liz: So, a fancy pot then.

Panel 3
Mae: Twenty glorious liters of stock-making, soup-preparing wonder! I’ve been wanting a giant stock pot for years, and now she is MINE.
Liz: Great, I’m playing second-fiddle to a POT.

Panel 4
Mae: Don’t be ridiculous. You’ll always be my #1.
Mae: But the stock pot is definitely RIGHT there behind you. Well ahead of the kids.
Liz: MAE!