Wednesday, Dec 30, 2020

December 30, 2020

December 2020

Panel 1
Dr. Deutsch: Hi Mae! So, I got your labs in, and for a first test, it looks like things are moving the right direction. Your testosterone is down to 211 ng/dl, and your estradiol is at 51.
Mae: Right, I saw that. It’s good to see the T dropping.

Panel 2
Dr. Deutsch: Now, ideally we would want those numbers flipped, at the very least. Mainly, we want to make sure Estrogen is the primary driver here.
Dr. Deutsch: So, what I think we should do in this case is leave the spironolactone alone, and just double the dosage of the estrace tablets.

Panel 3
Mae: Wait, so… everything I’ve experienced so far has only been with HALF the dosage of what I’m about to start taking?
Dr. Deutsch: Yep.

Panel 4
Mae: Oh this is about to get FUN.
Dr. Deutsch: I mean, if heightened mood swings, cramping and breast pain are your idea of fun, then sure!
Mae: I’m gonna cry SO much. It’s gonna be AWESOME.