Tuesday, Dec 29, 2020

December 29, 2020

December 2020

Panel 1
Liz: What’cha doin’?
Mae: Oh, nothing… just getting way into my own head about stuff.

Panel 2
Mae: I’m coming up on 2 months H.r.t., so I need to get a blood test done to check levels, but with COVID hitting this crazy post-holiday peak, I’m just kinda wary about going to quest diagnostics. Seems like a bad idea.

Panel 3
Tony: You know, if you want, I can do a blood test in-house for you. I’ve got equipment down in the lair that can run a complete panel in a few minutes. Beats waiting for the results anyway, and no worries about COVID. Plus, no needles!
Mae: Oh! Wow… that would actually be-

Panel 4
Mae: Wait. How exactly do you plan to draw the blood with no needles?
Tony: It’s really more like “catching” it. You see, I-
Mae: PASS.