Friday, May 30, 2008

Title: 2006

May 2008


Title: 2006

May 30, 2008
12:01 AM

Well, the contest is well and truly over now, and it’s time to announce the winner! (And yes, I’ll share the answers with you, while I’m at it.) Now, we had a total of 48 entires…. but only TWELVE of them were actually correct. :) I took those correct entries, put them in a hat, and drew a name – and the lucky winner was Richard Trieu! Richard, you’ve got a Shirt Ninja figurine coming your way. Way to go, man.

Now, for the CORRECT answers. Those of you who entered, prepare to smack yourselves on the forehead. :)

“A great monument was built, though not of brick or stone, but of that which holds beverages.” Now, a number of you thought this one was when Greg, Dave and Crystal found the Monolith – but you gotta read the question more clearly! I said MonUMENT. Not MonOLITH. Plus, the “beverage containers” part of it should have given away the fact that I was talking about the Tower of Pepsi. (Note, I also gave credit if you chose the 23rd, as well – as the tower does appear there in its infancy.)

“The feline which was seen neither before nor after was thought to have given up his carnivorous ways.” This was a difficult one, but it referred to the one and ONLY time our cat Diablo appeared in the strip, and got sick from eating a plant, on May 26, 2003.

“For Your Eyes Only: You may Only Live Twice, though Tony had A View to a Kill – someone who wouldn’t Die Another Day.” Now, this one was a bit tricky, but this referred to the day Tony actually killed the secret agent – or said he was going to, anyhow. I did give credit if you chose the day the secret agent first arrived, though, so no worries there.

“On this day, that which was foretold came to pass, almost unnoticed.” No, this was not the anniversary of the comic… this was the day Greg ACTUALLY banged his knee on that drawer, as was foretold by Future Greg. “Almost unnoticed” because I was in the middle of a storyline at the time, and placed the reference in the background of the comic – many people actually missed it the first go-round.

“This Rodentia Cricetinae was modified by the discovery made by Friedrich Ferdinand Runge.” This one was easily solved with a little help from Google – Rodentia Cricetinae is the scientific term for “Hamster”, and Mr. Runge was the man responsible for the discovery of Caffeiene… which leads us to the day Dave overclocked a hamster.

“The elusive Ishida can not be seen leaving, no matter how hard you try.” This one relied a bit on you knowing of Tatsuya Ishida, creator of Sinfest, though it referred to the day he left our little gathering of cartoonists in a very stealthy way.

” ‘If you’re hungry and you want some food…’ Yum.” This of course referred to Stuff Cereal… though it’s a WAY-BACK kind of reference.

“The mind of the power hungy nearly became the meal of the mindless.” Dave of course is the power hungry one in this riddle, and who’s more mindless than Greg? Thus, the answer was January 25, 2002 – the day Greg tried to eat Dave’s brain.

“Not just a road sign – also a movie starring Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez.” Now, c’mon – if you don’t remember Men at Work, you missed out on a huge part of your childhood. Or adulthood, if you were older when it was released. Whatever.

“The tasty pastry with a dark, sinister side.” There is no escape from… THE MUFFIN!

So, thanks to everyone who played… I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did… and hell, maybe I’ll do something like this again one day. We’ll see. :)

Winners of the Fan Art contest will be announced tomorrow, as they JUST went through all the rounds of judging less than an hour ago, and I need to get to bed. Check the timestamp. :D