Friday, May 16, 2008

Title: 1996

May 2008


Title: 1996

May 16, 2008
12:01 AM

Okay, before I get any more of you crazy buggers e-mailing me about this, I thought I’d defend myself a little bit (as much as I can, anyhow.)

First, let me establish that I have not seen Ghostbusters in… well, let’s call it 15 years for good measure. I’m not proud of that, by any means… I just haven’t seen it since I was about 11. Now, BEFORE that time, I had it on VHS and watched it all the time, but I will still working on an 11-year old’s memory.

So, to back it up, I skimmed the Wikipedia article on Ghostbusters, which reminded me that the god’s name was Gozer. That sparked a memory in my head of “Gozer the Carpathian”. I don’t know where it came from, but I remembered having seen it before. So, I went to google and typed in “Gozer the carpathian”, and a bunch of things came up, so I figured “Hey, cool. That sounds way better in a punchline than just “Gozer”. (It’s a writing thing.)

Now, had it NOT been 5 AM, I might have glanced upwards and noticed that “Gozer the Carpathian” only returned 1,580 results, which is HARDLY enough to establish credentials. And had I KNOWN then to search for “Gozer the Gozerian”, I would have seen the roughly 361,000 results, telling me “Hey… that’s probably correct.”

So don’t blame my geek cred. Blame my 11-year old self. That guy can’t remember shit.