Monday, Aug 17, 2020

August 17, 2020

August 2020

Panel 1
Dave: Playing Final Fantasy 14 on the PS4?
Greg: Well, you got me all excited for it again, but I really don’t want to be stuck in my office any time I want to play.

Panel 2
Greg: It is MADDENINGLY difficult to go from the PC interface to the PS4 interface, though. It’s amazing how much I took the simple action of clicking and dragging an action down into the hotbar for granted. The PS4 controller has the little touchpad you can use as a mouse, but it’s imprecise as hell.

Panel 3
Greg: Not to mention that because I used the auto-leveling thing to get me to 60, I essentially have to learn to play a high-level tank FROM SCRATCH, with skill rotations and gauges I am completely unfamiliar with. Level 60 Paladin is absolutely nothing like level 30 Gladiator.
Dave: You know you can just plug a mouse and keyboard into the PS4, right?

Panel 4
Greg: ...screw it. We’ll just call it hard mode.
Dave: That’s the ticket. Just double down on that good ol’ sunk cost fallacy.