Title: 1441

Monday, May 9, 2005

May 2005


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Title: 1441

May 9, 2005
12:01 AM

Looks like sometime over the weekend, the store kinda went haywire, and the “add to cart” button on the Dorkboy shirt page broke, for some reason. Just that one page. Anyway, it’s fixed now, so if you had trouble with it before, you can once again order it.

Also, based on the feedback from people regarding the women’s Feugo shirt, people seem to HATE the fact that it’s pink. Which BAFFLES me, since pink edged out the other colors in the poll we did, so why on EARTH nobody seems to want pink is beyond me. But the fact remains – pink ain’t so popular. So, I’m going to either go with a nice sky blue/aqua shirt (same style), or a medium green/dark green shirt, rather than pink. I’d LOVE to offer it in all three colors. I really would. But we can’t afford to go off buying all these shirts willy-nilly. We can really only get one color right now, so it’s between those two. Personally, I’m leaning towards the green ones, but e-mails from women who would be interested in such a shirt might sway me one way or the other. *hint Hint HINT*

Title: 1441

May 9, 2005
12:01 AM

Well, I just got some good news, so I thought I’d pop on to share it. First off, most people are confused as to our current living status. We are NOT, as of yet, living in Seattle. We’re still down in the Sacramento area. We might have been up in Washington a month ago, but I didn’t end up getting that job, so things are kinda stymied there for now.

Anyway, Liz applied for an internship with Roseville Style/Folsom Style magazine, to do graphic stuff, and it looks like a pretty good shot she’s gonna wind up with it – which is AWESOME, considering she’s setting out to be a graphic designer and all. :D It’s a summer internship, so we started talking, and kind of came to the conclusion that it would currently be in our best interests for us to remain in the Sacramento area for at least another 6 months. Which is fine, really.

This does mean, however, moving out of my mom’s place. We’ve been here for 5 months, trying to pay off bills and everything, and my mom is AWESOME, of course, but we really, really just need to get our own place. For our own sanity as well as my mother’s. It was only supposed to be a few months anyway. So, we set out to looking for apartments in the area. Then, yesterday, we found a gem in the whole slew of them.

It’s in DOWNTOWN SACRAMENTO. Just a few blocks from the K street area. It’s an apartment – but get this – it’s the lower floor of a gorgeous victorian house that’s fully restored. The place is 120 years old, but after all the work the owners have put into it, it’s this beautiful place – it’s got wood floors that are ORIGINAL – but look good enough that you’d think they were put in just a few years ago. And it’s actually pretty damn big, too – almost 1000 square feet. And the renting price is …. well, I’m not gonna say, ’cause that’s not really my thing, but suffice to say it’s almost the same as what we would have paid for a smaller apartment up in Citrus Heights. He even already has a DirecTV dish on top of the house, so we are SET. :D

Anyway, that good news I mentioned was that he just called to say we’d been approved to rent it. By the end of the month, provided we can actually manage to scrape this money together, (deposits SUCK. I mean, I understand them. But OUCH.) we’ll be living in DOWNTOWN SACRAMENTO in a victorian house. How freaking cool is that. I’ll be providing pictures, too. It’s sort of required when you find a place this cool.

Now I’ve gotta get my ass in gear and actually work on a Support Group gift – we’ve got a lot of money to get so we can move, and aside from support group signups, I don’t really know any other way we’re gonna swing it. (donations are welcome of course… but I prefer to feel like I actually DESERVE it when you guys send me a few bucks. :P ) So anyway, expect a new wallpaper in the next few days – I’m thinkin’ I’m gonna bust out Painter and make an awesome “Sky Dumbass” wallpaper. Should be spiffy. :)