Friday, Jul 18, 2003

Title: 982

July 2003


Title: 982

July 18, 2003
12:01 AM

Yay! It’s Cliff! Cliff’s a good buddy of mine, and since he’s here with us at the con, why not put him in the strip, eh?

And I should clarify… yesterday’s strip was TOTALLY self-deprecation. I actually had a WONDERFUL day here at the con, and people were even lining up to say hi at one point. Everyone has been super-friendly, and I can’t wait to meet more people in the next three days! Fred and Sarah have been awesome boothmates, and alltogether, we make for a pretty nifty booth. I’ll take a picture tomorrow and post it to show how things are set up. I’m very pleased. And I’m selling a whole lot more of the prints than I ever expected to. This is a good thing, by any stretch of the imagination (even though it takes about 6 or 7 minutes to print). And I’m amazed by Fred… he has signed book, after book, after book, after poster, after book, and he keeps on going. He’s like the Energizer Fred. And his posters look SWEET. I’m jealous. If only I had been able to get the book finished sooner, I would have had them to sell here too. But alas, twas not to be. It’s okay.

And about wednesday’s comic… it went up at the same time as yesterday’s. I wanted to get it up tuesday night, but apparently the Red Roof Inn in Anaheim doesn’t have internet access. And I went down to the lobby to use the public internet access terminal, and for some reason it wouldn’t let me log into the comic’s backend, so I couldn’t even make a newspost about it. Suck. But yeah, it’s up in the archive if you feel so inclined.

And that’s all for now! If you’re not coming to the con till this weekend, then I can’t wait to meet you! Or whatever! Just come by our booth, NUMBER 4705. Thank you. That is all.