Tuesday, Jul 15, 2003

Title: 979

July 2003


Title: 979

July 15, 2003
12:01 AM

You know, it occurred to me that you might find it a bit more helpful if I displayed the thumbnail of the wallpaper here for you, which was the SOLE REASON I created it in the first place. Well done, Greg. *pats self on back

The Real Life Support Group is back! I finally got off my sorry butt and finished the gift for this month. It’s no magic card set, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless. It’s a wallpaper (of just about any size and resolution) with the picture from the cover of the upcoming Real Life graphic novel! And honestly, I can make it in just about any resolution you want, so if you’ve got some kind of bizarre cinema display or something, just let me know, and I’ll make the wallpaper and put it up. Anyway, to join the RLSG for July (i know it’s late, but it’s all about getting the gift anyway, so no worries), just follow the link below.

The only other order of business would be to show off the banner for the booth that I just got in today. It’ll be flanked by two of Fred’s of the same size, but he’s been doing this kind of thing longer, so he’s better prepared. :D Keep in mind the size of the door in the background… this thing is HUGE.

That’s all, folks! Tonight, I depart along the endless Interstate 5 on my way down to Anaheim. We should get there around 2 in the morning, and from there it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump to San Diego. Then it’s COMIC CON! Whoo!