Friday, Jul 17, 2009

Title: 2262

July 2009


Title: 2262

July 17, 2009
12:01 AM

I know you’re probably thinking I mean preparations I’M going to be making. Not so… these are for you. :) See, we’re going to be bringing our awesome laser printer along for the ride again (it’s been many years since we last did this) and we’re going to be able to do LIVE prints, right there at the booth! So this means if you have a favorite comic, now’s the time to write down the date it was on so you can get an awesome signed print of it at Comic Con next week! (And remember, I can even uncensor comics where I’ve blacked out bits of dialogue – so it’s probably the only way of finding out what’s underneath! *wink*

Another note – we’re going to be taking preorders for Book 2 while at the con as well, trying desperately to get enough money together to get these bad boys out the DOOR… so if you’re at all interested, we can make sure you’re all taken care of at the con.

That’s all I’ve got tonight – I’ll be posting more about Comic Con and the various preparations involved to go there in the coming days, but for now, I need SLEEEEEEP. So very, very tired. :P