Saturday, Jul 11, 2009

Title: 2258

July 2009


Title: 2258

July 11, 2009
12:01 AM

(So yeah, I put the title in caps ’cause I’m pretty sure if I didn’t do everything in my power at this point to call attention to the fact that we’re going to be at Comic Con, Liz would be castrating me forthwith, and I don’t think any of us want that. Well.. okay, I don’t want it, at the very least. But that’s beside the point.>

In any case, yes! It’s true! We will once more be BACK at Comic Con International this year! And we are DESPERATELY hoping you’ll come by our booth and say Hi, ’cause that’s really the only reason we’re going there. We want to meet you guys. That’s the whole point. :) In, in the interests of making sure you know EXACTLY where we are in the convention hall, (because it’s a big hall, I don’t want anyone getting lost…) I’ve drawn a map. :P

So, okay – the basics of it are easy – we’re at booth 1330, just like we were last year. If you came and saw us there last year, way to go. You now know exactly where we’ll be this year. Don’t set yourself up for failure by looking in the con book for Real Life Comics – I’m not awesome enough to have my own booth like that. Don’t be absurd. I am, of course, chillin’ with my co-conspirators at Blank Label Comics. We’ll be easy to find. Just look for the orange. :) Another easy way of finding us is knowing that we’re just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the food court.

If all else fails, follow this simple rule – there is a 90% chance that you will be standing in front of the Penny Arcade booth. It’s just what happens… you’re drawn to it. If this is the case, just look ever so slightly to your right. We’ll be the friendly, waving cartoonists with the much shorter line. :) Come on over and say hello. We will most likely be exhausted – do not take this to mean we are exhausted with YOU. We have simply been at our booth for quite some time.

Before I go, I’ve got two quick notes. The first is this – if you’ve been following the forums at all, you’ll know that we’d been going back and forth with some customs issues with the figurines for longer than was healthy, but those battles have just recently ended with the arrival of said figurines in our custody. I’m still working on getting everything organized to send them out, but where this is important is this : if you bring a printout of your reciept (e-mail or otherwise) for your figurine, I can hand it over right then and there – and even sign it to boot. This even goes for the first 100 – I’ll have my list with me, and you’ll get YOUR number. You can even watch me sign it. After that’s all said and done, once I return home, I’ll be packaging and sending out the rest… we just thought this’d be a nice way to get them to some people. (We may also have some to sell there, as well – I’ve got to run inventory first. I’ll let you know.)

The second, and perhaps more important note is directed entirely at the ladies: Though I am INSANELY happily married, and though my wife will be sitting right there next to me, it should be known that I am more than allowed to sign whatever. You know… if you catch my drift…ladies. WINK WINK.

I’m saying I can totally sign your boobs. Just to be clear on that point. I don’t want any confusion, there.