Tuesday, Nov 11, 2008

Title: 2116

November 2008


Title: 2116

November 11, 2008
12:01 AM

We’ve started to reach that stage in the packing process where you know you’ve still got MOUNTAINS of things to pack, but enough is put away in one way or another that the fact that you’re two weeks away from another cross-country move is really starting to set in.

The most important step, I feel, is to get all the artwork off the walls first thing. Don’t start by packing the closet in the spare bedroom, don’t by start dusting off those unused dishes… pull the paintings, posters, and other knick-nacks off the walls. I say this because the second you see those walls bare again, the realization that you’re MOVING starts to set in, and you finally get the actual compulsion to pack, rather than to try and put it off for another day.

On the bright side, I’ve conceived of this little idea to use the thermal printer to print off more descriptive labels to use on the boxes when we pack them – stuff like a big bold “Greg’s Office” so the guys know where to unload it to, and then a smaller “Paperwork and Desk Supplies” text to go beneath it. It remains to be seen if this actually helps the move AT ALL, but it’s worth trying, I think. At least, it’s worth trying until I manage to run out of thermal labels, and then it’s back to a damned sharpie.

Anyway, I’m just posting this ’cause it was on my mind, but I should also throw into here that tomorrow’s comic (Tuesday’s) is going to be a tad later than usual. We just got back from San Antonio, and while the Greg of 1999 would have scoffed at going to bed at a mere 2 AM, the Greg of today is older, and gets up much earlier than that 18-year old slacker did. Anyway, I’ll try and see what I can get done tomorrow morning, so you guys still get your Real Life fix. For now, however, it’s off to bed for me. I are sleepy.