Monday, Nov 10, 2008

Title: 2115

November 2008


Title: 2115

November 10, 2008
12:01 AM

So, much like last year, we’re selling packs of christmas cards, (the same designs used for the gift cards for the past few years’ christmas card drives) but this year there’s a twist – you get a choice of packs. One one side, we’ve got the Tony Killing Frosty/Greg and Liz Exchanging Gifts pack, featuring five cards of each design, and on the other, we have the Tony Killing Frosty/Santa Portal pack. Pretty much, either way gets you Tony killing Frosty, because we just feel it’s a highly appropriate image for the holidays. :)

We’ve also got sets of 10 “Mini” Christmas cards, featuring the Santa Portal design. (What? No, they’re not just a mistake from the printers, who somehow thought that I wanted the smaller cards instead of the bigger cards… why would you think that?) There’s no Frosty death in this pack, sadly… but there is cake. No lie.