Monday, Jun 16, 2008

Title: 2014

June 2008


Title: 2014

June 16, 2008
12:01 AM

Well, Comic Con is only a little over a month away, so I guess now is probably a good time to officially announce that I AM INDEED going to be at Comic Con this year. As in, tickets have already been purchased, hotel arrangements have been made. It’s HAPPENING, people. This is going to be my first year back in THREE YEARS. That’s a lifetime. :D I’ll be exhibiting with the rest of the fine folks over at Blank Label, so it’s going to be a bad-ass time. I’m incredibly excited. (Also, assuming I get things in a row, I might actually be debuting a product there… in ADDITION to the Shirt Ninja figurine… but that’s another post.)

To help matters some on the funding-the-trip front, I’ve decided to put some original art up for auction… namely, the four comic sketches used to make the four action-oriented comics in the Murphy’s Law Assault storyline back in February. All the details can be found at the ebay page, but also note – it includes high-quality prints of the ENTIRE storyline (10 comics) along with the sketches, so it’s quite a nice bundle deal. Check it out, and help me schlepp my butt out to Comic Con! :D