Thursday, Aug 23, 2007

Title: 1900

August 2007


Title: 1900

August 23, 2007
12:01 AM

Blank Label Comics is excited to announce the release of the “62% More Awesome: The Third Sheldon Collection” by cartoonist Dave Kellett.

The collection features every single strip since the previous Sheldon collection — “The Good, The Bad & The Pugly” — and includes extra strips we couldn’t fit in the last book! Special, awesome-sauce content includes the ‘Coffee Cup Lid Challenge’ strips, and an expanded version of the Saturday-only space storyline (including bonus stuff you can’t read online)! This book is, indeed, 62% More Awesome.

Order one right now at the Sheldon Store. The Sheldon Comic Strip can be read daily — for free — via the website, RSS, and e-mail delivery.