Tuesday, Aug 14, 2007

Title: 1895

August 2007


Title: 1895

August 14, 2007
12:01 AM

I DO want to make something clear, just to be fair: I am NOT judging all of France by the experience in Paris. I surmised, and those suppositions have been backed up, that most other places in France are probably quite lovely. But for anyone who thinks Paris is this beautiful, romantic place to visit, WRAWNG.

I DO want to thank Dan, who went out of his way to show us around. Without you, Dan, we probably would have been trying to get an early plane out the first night. And the stuff we saw WAS amazing – there’s no discounting that. But the overall experience of the city was… bleh.

So, from now on, I want it known that if and when I ever make French jokes, it is the PARISIANS I am making them about. I mean, hell – Paris isn’t even in a good winemaking region.

And whether you go to Paris or not, PLEASE avoid Charles De Gaulle Airport. It’s not like any other normal airport – first, you walk FIVE MILES to your departure terminal (note that there are no signs as to where specific airlines are – we had to call our English buddy David and he checked the web to find the British Airways terminal), and then they give you your tickets – at which point you proceed through the security checkpoint into what I call “Purgatory”. There are a lot of trinket shops, but not much in the way of Cafes – no, despite what the signs overhead say, the only cafes and bars are back OUTSIDE the secured area you just entered. So we went BACK out to get some food, proceeded back through the security zone, and went to our gate, where we had to go through ANOTHER security checkpoint – this time into a little holding pen with enough seating for only 2 gates, and which is SEPARATED BY GLASS FROM EVERYTHING ELSE. There is naught but a snack machine in this little holding paddock. Well, nothing but ugly multicolored uncomfortable bench seating, anyway. I never wanted to get out of a place more than I did that one.

Anyway, today’s our last day in England, and we’re spending it being lazy in Guildford, on account of the drizzling rain outside. Back to the states tomorrow! Wheeeeee!