Thursday, Aug 24, 2006

Title: 1714

August 2006


Title: 1714

August 24, 2006
12:01 AM

Good LORD you Canuks are sensetive! I was just poking fun at you – you should know that. :P Little did I know when I made the off-handed statement about my inbox filling up last night that it would be true. Jebus.

Ah well. Most of the e-mails are actually very nice – which I expected, because Canadians are all-around good people. Most people just shared information which I already knew – You have to understand, I leave a good amount out of any given comic. What sparked today’s comic was just an offhanded remark made while driving around Burnaby and noting the use of the maple leaf in the american companies. I KNOW it’s because they’re canadian subsidiaries of the companies in question, and as such because of the law have to have a different logo. I get it. I’m not really as stupid as I let on – but I do like to poke people from time to time. It’s just what I do.

Just… keep this in mind, PLEASE. PLEASE. This goes for any, ANY country that may ever cross my radar. I hate NO ONE. I have the greatest of respect for different cultures, and the only reason I make the jokes I do is because I’m fairly new to travelling really, and it’s just a fun way for me to note the cultural differences. In Canada’s case, we’re so close culturally that we’re more like siblings. Think of me as the big brother, and I’m giving you noogies.

And yes, I know we have more American flags around than you have Canadian flags around. But we don’t use it as an apostrophe in the Denny’s logo. :P And while your money may feature Rich Uncle Pennybags on it – it IS a pretty sexy design.

And those of you who sent honest-to-god hatemail… (there was one or two) get a life. You have better things to do than hate on some dude who made an offhanded remark about your country.