Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Title: 1665

May 2006


Title: 1665

May 30, 2006
12:01 AM

EDIT: Some people have had some questions about particular things regarding these, so while I can’t update the actual page until I get home, I can certainly address these issues below:

  • Q: What size are these prints?
    These are 8 &#189 x 11 prints. The comic area is roughly equivalent to what you see in the demo image.
  • Q: What kind of paper are these printed on?
    I forgot to mention this on the page, but these are printed on a very heavyweight cardstock, with a matte finish. Since this is a laser print, it doesn’t work on high-gloss like an inkjet does, but the resolution of these prints is infinitely higher than you’d ever see from an inkjet.
  • Q: Can you print any comic we want? Including the old giant sundays?
    I most certainly can. I can even do a series of comics, if you like.
  • Q: How can I find a particular strip – there’s 1650 of them in the archives!!
    We’re working on getting things set up to use a built-in search method Dumbrella Hosting has included, but in the meantime, pop on over to the Real Life Comics Database, a fan-run comic search engine. It’s not current, but it’s damn close, and a great reference if you need to find an old strip. KEEP IN MIND: Because I switched over to a new database system, the links for some reason don’t match up excactly. If you find the strip you want, and click the link, it’s the next comic over. It’s weird, but it works. (i.e., for some reason when you click the link for November 11, 2003’s comic, it takes you to November 10.) I’ll let you know when our built-in solution is up and running.
  • Q: Do you support any other payment methods besides paypal?
    Not at the moment – though, keep in mind that if you wanted to use a credit card, you can do so through paypal without even signing up! We’ll probably be offering more payment options in the future – once we get the new store up, we’ll accept direct payments – but for now, Paypal is our only feasable option.
  • Q: Are older strips still in Black & White, or will they be in color for the prints?
    Well, that depends on you, really. If you really want a color version of those old comics, I’d be glad to oblige, though if you want the original B&W strip, that’s fine too. I’ll color them as requests come in, but it doesn’t take me too long to color a comic. Depending on how easy I find this to do, I may even update old comics with the new shading styles and everything. (insert ooh and aah here)