Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Title: 1654

May 2006


Title: 1654

May 9, 2006
12:01 AM

So Liz and I took the camera out to Alamo Square today, just on a whim, to take some pictures, take the dog for a walk, and hang out.

Those of you unfamiliar with Alamo Square will recognize it better as the place you see in the intro to “Full House” – all those houses lined up in a row with downtown San Francisco in the background. Those houses are referred to as the “Painted Ladies”, and the park is only about 2 miles from where we live (Which, again, is unfair. EVERYTHING in the city is less than 3 miles from us. We’re at the geographic center of the city, and being that it’s only 6-7 miles wide and as tall, pretty much anything is close by). Took a lot of pictures of the houses, but this one is my favorite:

While we were there, we saw the playground equipment, and thought it was awesome:

The really stupid thing is that when I went to take that photo, I really only cared about the top of the equipment – I started setting up the camera, and as I’m going to take the picture, I met the in-laws of the lady on the beach in North Carolina. “Excuse me, are you taking pictures of the children in the playground?” I had to stop and realize that he was actually asking me what he asked, and I told him that no, I was just taking a picture of the tops that looked like the houses across the street. It was only AFTER this that all the different things I should have said to him came to mind – “Not everything is about YOU, buddy”, “Why would I want to photograph your future introverts?”, or my favorite, “Yes, and then I’m going to go home and photoshop moustaches on them! Muahaha!”

Seriously – I know parents just want to protect their kids, and I CAN form a few reasons in my head he might not want his kids’ photo taken, but that being said, why do these people jump right to the super-negative? What ills have befallen them in life that they choose to think the worst of everyone? I have a camera – not a gun. I’m standing there with my wife, not hanging out of a van waving candy. I dunno – the whole thing strikes me as insane. Liz told me when we got home that the guy’s wife was actually covering her children up in fear that they might have been photographed. Wow.

Anyway, I took this one just to the right of the playground:

I have to say, this is kind of neat. Perhaps I’ll make this more of a regular thing, and share the photos we take around the city from time to time. :)