Tuesday, Nov 9, 2004

Title: 1316

November 2004


Title: 1316

November 9, 2004
12:01 AM

So, as of the time of this writing, DSL service for all of Sacramento, North Ridge, and of all places, Anaheim, has been down for 38 hours. SBC keeps pushing back the estimated time of repair… currently it’s 1:00 this afternoon, but since it’s been changed FIVE TIMES since this problem started, I don’t see as that counts for much. I’m really not sure how I was able to upload the comic yesterday, but today it’s NOT happenin’. I’m barely able to post this rant (this is assuming the comic and this rant actually did get posted at all.. I have no way of checking. It’s odd… the internet’s not DOWN, but when it does decide to load a page, it can take upwards of half an hour to get a small portion of it. Google takes 10 minutes or more before the text and small graphic load. Most sites refuse to load alltogether. I’m hoping this goes through. Anyway, I’ll stil be working on tomorrow’s comic, and as soon as the internet comes back up today, I’ll post today’s, but at least now you know what’s up. Hopefully they’ll actually get off their asses and FIX this thing. This is absurd.