Monday, Nov 1, 2004

Title: 1311

November 2004


Title: 1311

November 1, 2004
12:01 AM

Yep, thems the way things work out. Saturday was the big FFXI One-Year Anniversary party, which was AWESOME (I’ll detail below), but we didn’t get back till 3, and today was spent decorating the house and handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters, plus doing some necessary computer work and various other things. I’ve already got the scripts for the next three to four comics down in my head (something that, I assure you, NEVER happens), so perhaps if I can really bust ass tomorrow, I can make enough comics to cover all 5 days, and there will be an extra comic on Saturday. We’ll see about that.

But about the FFXI party… Liz and I both went dressed in costume, so we could enter the masquerade contest. Liz had her moogle costume, and I was in my White Mage costume, replete with my newly-created Trick Staff. Well, we BOTH ended up being called up in the final 10, which was amazing, considering the sheer number of excellent costumes in the room. I didn’t get into the top 5, but that’s okay, because just for being in the top 10 I got a brand-new GeForce 5700 FX Ultra. So I’m jazzed about that. But Liz…. Liz WON THE FREAKING GRAND PRIZE! :D It’s a fully-custom FFXI Chains of Promathia PC. Every component in this bad-boy was hand-picked by the dev team to run FFXI as smoothly as possible. (consistently runs at about 6000 on the FFXI Benchmark 2) Check it out:

Here’s a picture of Liz in her costume with the FFXI US Producer, after winning the computer:

So, yeah. Hell of a party. And it turns out a few of the people working on FFXI actually read Real Life, too! Hell of an ego-boost there. :) Anyway, it’s LATE, and I’m exhausted, so I’ll end this now. Take care, guys.