Friday, Jun 25, 2004

Title: 1224

June 2004


Title: 1224

June 25, 2004
12:01 AM

Thank you, Tattoo. As you may have guessed by the COPIOUS amounts of advertising for it I’ve placed upon this here webpagey-thingy, the book is becoming a reality. Despite the fact that it’s nearly a year late, switched publishers, and had to be re-done from scratch, Real Life : The Complete First Year Collection is at the printer getting ready to go. And as you can see from the above ad, it will be available on July 5. That’s TEN DAYS, people. I can’t even believe it myself, but wow. There it is.

I’ll be getting the bluelines here shortly to approve, but just basing off of the printout I did for proofreading, this thing is going to be massive. One comic per page, and it’s nearly 400 pages long. That’s almost half as long as Bill Clinton’s book, and mine has pretty pictures. 90 of them there pages are in COLOR. Just tossed in there, willy-nilly, hiding amongst the black and white pages. Also to its credit is a wonderful foreword by Scott Kurtz, and a covered colored by Ian McConville. Oh, and the entire first year of The Forge. And a few extras in the back, too. Every strip has commentary (which you can selectively avoid, the choice is up to you. :) ), and I took the time to write a little intro myself. All in all, this should be hot stuff. AND, it will be here in time for Comic Con! That’s right, that means you can pick up a copy there, if you so choose! But remember, whilst the cover price for this book is $24.95, you can order it direct from us for only $20.95, saving yourself a few bucks!

Now, I know we had a bit of a debacle last year with I.C. Entertainment, and a few of you preordered it through them. If you happen to be one of these people, send an e-mail with your information to, and they’ll take care of you. Oh, as a bit of a side note, the store is back up again, in a new and wonderful incarnation. I won’t discuss exactly what happened, but needless to say, we’re no longer with GamerWarez. You can find all the products we had there at the new Starline Multimedia site by clicking the store logo up above. Sorry for the mix-up.

I hope you guys are as pumped about this as I am… I’ve been itching to get my hands on this thing for ages, and now that it’s actually being printed, I can hardly contain myself. Enjoy, folks!