Friday, Jun 18, 2004

Title: 1219

June 2004


Title: 1219

June 18, 2004
12:01 AM

Well its that time again. Its time to put my weekly update up. I want to thank all of you who sent me an e-mail over the past week. They were encouraging and very helpful. Some of the things I was told have already been put into use on my diet. I also MANY e-mails stating that they were interested in how to do this diet and such. So I have decided that I am going to put up a website with all of the information on it. I will also use it as a daily blog to record my diet and exercise. Perhaps we could talk someone into putting together a forum for all of use that would like to lose weight together. Its always helpful to have someone to rely on. Look for more details in future rants.

So here it is:

Weight: 168lbs. (I was a little bad with my eating habits and my exercise this week due to the incredible tooth ache I have battling with. Or perhaps the Yoga helped me build some muscle. I think I look more tone this week compared to last week.)
Waist size: 37 inches
Chest size: 41.5 inches
Hip size: 45 inches
One Thigh: 25 inches
One Arm: 12 inches
48 lbs to go
5 weeks until Comic Con (I miscounted before.

I am fairly happy with my progress. Even if this week I didn’t do as well, I am starting to like the way my body is looking. Even if I only lose another 5-10lbs before Comic Con, I will be happy. Mostly, I want to be able to wear skirts again and be happy with the way I look in them. I am trying to be “more girly”. Its difficult when you live with 2 boys though. =0P

Oh! By the by, Greg is going to be turning 23 on the 22nd! I hope that all of you would wish him a happy b-day!