Thursday, Jun 25, 2020

June 25, 2020

June 2020

Panel 1
Tony: Well, nothing to do at this point except to head home and…
SFX: Beep beep!
Tony: ...huh?

Panel 2
Tony: Wow, they work fast! It’s from the… “admins”, I guess?
Greg: Well?! What does it say?!

Panel 3
Tony: “Universe, V.42873: PATCH NOTES. *Due to user feedback, we restructured the system architecture so that all space outside of the Milky Way will now be procedurally generated. This update will require a scheduled update, during which time the service will be unavailable”
Greg: HOLY CRAP! You actually did it!
Greg: Also… yikes?

Panel 4
Tony: “Bug Fixes: An exploit whereby some users have achieved conditional immortality has been fixed.”
Tony: Shit!
Greg: Don’t worry - you know eventually they’ll release a “classic” edition with the original code.