Wednesday, Jun 17, 2020

June 17, 2020

June 2020

Panel 1
Tony: Allrighty then! What say we take this baby out for a test run?
Greg: You work implausibly fast.

Panel 2
Tony: I work at the speed of plot. Now, first up, we’re gonna make a quick hop into space, just so we can get our bearings.

Panel 3
Tony: There we go… the wormhole drive is operating at full efficiency. I’ll tell you what - go ahead and pick the destination. We’ll make a quick round-trip there and back as a kind of shakedown cruise.
Greg: Ooh! Let’s go to the Andromeda galaxy! It’s basically our neighbor in space, so it’d be like going to the end of the block and back!

Panel 4
Tony: Helluva big block.
Greg: Hey, don’t look at me. The galactic city planners were asleep at the wheel.