Monday, Aug 17, 2009

Title: 2279

August 2009


Title: 2279

August 17, 2009
12:01 AM

Allrighty folks, Peter Brichs of Denmark threw down the gauntlet with today’s comic, DARING you to continue this storyline for another day! Who will it be tomorrow? Nobody knows! So if you think you’ve got a funny idea on how to take this storyline for a wild ride, send it in! I only got about five entries today, so your odds of being chosen are pretty high! And remember, these are all completely non-canon, non-continuity, so if you feel like bringing back a dead character, an old idea, or getting really crazy and creative with things…. FEEL FREE! That’s what this is all about. Go nuts! I love seeing the ideas you guys come up with for my characters… it’s a lot of fun.

A note to you guys, though – it’s only really going to be eligible to be turned into a full comic if it’s a fully-written script. Four panels, panel-by-panel breakdown. The idea here is to let you guys be scriptwriters for a day, and I’m trying to stay true to the vision you lay out… if it’s just a general idea, it takes on too much of whatever vision I add to it, and I prefer to let the writing stand on its own. :)

COMPLETELY unrelated note… I’m going to be at AnimeFest in a couple weeks! In case you’re wondering, it’s in Dallas, TX, so it’ll be our first time back in Texas in almost a year! We’re going to try to avoid MOVING there after this con, but we ended up moving 3 months after AnimeFest last year, so no guarantees. As usual, I’ll be doing all sorts of panels, and Liz will be judging the cosplay, but other than that, we’re going to be just hanging out in the dealers room sellin’ books and whatnot, so you should come by and say howdy! Just look for the Chibi Greg and Chibi Liz and you should be good to go. :) We’ll see you guys there!