Thursday, Mar 20, 2008

Title: 1957

March 2008


Title: 1957

March 20, 2008
12:01 AM

Hidey-ho Lifers! (Honestly, the majority of e-mails I got seem to suggest that Lifers was the best choice – more of a connection with someone who either has or will be doing something forever – like someone who’s committed to something for life, rather than someone who HAS BEEN committed for life. Fair enough – Lifers it is. :) )

Anyway, we’ve been trying like hell to make ends meet here at Real Life Central, and it’s been rough. The first quarter of the year is hard for ad-driven businesses, especially when coming off of the Q4 advertising boom. Third-party ads have, more or less, been in the toilet for about 2 months now. Life is hard in that kind of scenario.

To address this, I’ve finally decided it’s time to lower my ad prices a bit – well, a lot, actually. I’ve dropped all ad prices by $0.15/thousand. That means 100,000 banner ads, which used to cost $70, now cost only $55. Of course, I still give discounts for bulk – for 1,000,000 pageviews, the price is 75% of what it used to be. Basically, now’s the prime time for advertising. :)

I’m still working on other avenues of keeping myself afloat, obviously. I’m hoping to be able to have the Shirt Ninja figurine to a point where I can open up preorders for it sometime in the next few weeks, and even better – I’m busting my ass to get Book 2 done. The mythical, mysterious Book 2. I’m also cooking up some kind of Real Life Support Group goodie – though, I kind of need to find the right item… I’m sure you’re all dreadfully tired of wallpapers by this point. *laughs*

Anyway, if you’re looking to advertise with us, check that “Advertisers” link on the menu bar above the comic and send us an e-mail! We’re always happy to work out a deal, too… so don’t be afraid to ask!