Tuesday, Oct 18, 2005

Title: 1556

October 2005


Title: 1556

October 18, 2005
12:01 AM

So, yes. I changed the last panel of today’s strip. It’s only been up for like – an hour, but in that time I already had about three people let me know that PVP “did that already”. It kills me, cause I read PVP on a daily basis – I should have remembered that. But really, it’s a common joke amongst us MMO gamers. I guess that’s why it didn’t trip my “someone already did that” sensor. Hell, it was the justification Ian used when playing a Mithra in FFXI. So it’s been passed around our ranks.

Anyway, yes, I changed it. And in all reality, I think it works better now anyway. :) Now, to go get a comic done for tomorrow in time for the WoW servers to come back up at 11. :)