August 19, 2014

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It’s comin’, folks!

June 10, 2014
1:42 AM

Well, you know how it is around here. When I manage to go for (what I feel like) an extended time without a new comic, I feel like I have to justify myself a little bit. (Yes, despite the constant reassurance that I don’t… I appreciate that, you guys. :D )

In any case, your boy’s been under a LOT of stress lately, and had to kind of take this evening to deal with it a touch. Realized that what my main problem comes down to is some time management issues, so I’m going to be trying to handle that. It’s my goal to actually make a 5-comic week here before too long, and maybe, JUST MAYBE, try to actually make that the norm again. I have a lot of fun doing the comic, but lately life has been saying “NO! THIS IS MORE IMPORTANT!”, and I just wind up listening, ’cause life talks in all caps, so you just KNOW it’s shouting.

That said, tomorrow, a comic shall be had! I’ve gotta re-prime the pump a bit, but I think this is a train that I can get back on track. Good lord that’s a lot of mixed metaphors. In any case, all will be well. That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it. :)

Not dead – just in case you were wondering. :P

May 9, 2014
12:02 AM

Hi Guys! So, normally around here, a missed day here or there wouldn’t be cause for alarm or anything, but I got ONE comic done this week, which is pretty miserable. And while that kind of thing kills me, the fact is I know there’s no avoiding it. Your boy’s been sick the past few days, and the bummer about being sick when you’re a stay-at-home parent who also happens to WORK from home is that it’s not as though I can just take a sick day and call it good. So while NORMALLY I can burn the midnight oil like a boss and knock out a strip, I just fell asleep in my chair while trying to think of something, and being vertical is only serving to give me a headache.

I did get one worried e-mail a week or so ago (well, maybe not WORRIED, but still) just making sure I wasn’t going to quit the comic, and while I may have the most sporadic update schedule known to man lately, you can rest assured with one thing: I NEVER plan to call it quits on this bad boy. It’s like anything else in life – sometimes things get nuts and get in the way, and you have to do what you can to keep your head above water. But even if I miss more than my fair share, I’ll always come back for more – and maybe there will even come a time when I’m able to arrange my day such that I can start getting them done earlier – but it’s sure not in the cards just now.

Anyway, my head’s starting to hurt a bit again, so I’m gonna go lie down and attempt to continue not being dead. Wish me luck!

Hogwarts is Here

April 21, 2014
2:27 AM

So, you may have already seen this site pop up somewhere on your social newsfeed, or maybe you’re only just hearing about it here for the first time, but the gist of it is this: Hogwarts is Here is basically an online version of Hogwarts. It’s structured like any other online classes you may have taken, complete with weekly lessons, reading assignments (with books provided), and essays/quizzes/research assignments. Which are GRADED.

Now, you might find this ridiculous, and that’s because on the surface, it is. But there’s a little more to it than that… it is, for all intents and purposes, just another MMO. Only this time, instead of running out into a fake dungeon and killing fake creatures for fake loot, you’re taking fake classes and reading fake textbooks for fake grades. But the reason it appeals to me is that I’ve always been big on lore – I spent HOURS reading the history of Azeroth back when I played WoW, and I read all the supplemental books and information for Myst that I could get my hands on. And really, magic systems are a lot of fun to deconstruct – the system used in the Dresden Files strikes me as particularly nifty, and the Harry Potter magic system, while simplistic, lends itself really well to a “game” like this. The supplemental reading assignments are kind of fun in the way they’re presented (with a little bit of made up wizarding history), and the essays are a chance to get a little creative writing done.

And at the end of the day, you’re earning points for your house, and nothing makes something fun like a little friendly competition, eh? Granted, they’re going through some growing pains at the moment while they deal with the influx of traffic they’ve gotten, and they’re currently doing some maintenance on the assignments section, so you can’t hand in any homework yet… but still.

In any case, if this sounds like your particular brand of insanity, look me up and give me an add – I’m easy to find, since I just use my real name wherever I go. :) And have fun, folks!