Title: 1166

Monday, Apr 5, 2004

April 2004


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Title: 1166

April 5, 2004
12:01 AM

Good lord. I haven’t written a rant since March 17. That’s a travesty. Hell, I’ve been invited to a convention and went to see Kevin Smith in the time between then and now… you’d think I’d have something interesting to say about that. And that’s my main problem, the thing that’s prompting me to write this rant. Stay with me, here. :)

Basically, I’ve fallen into that pit where Real Life begins to slowly encroach upon the territory of becoming a Job. I don’t mean that in the sense where I have to put effort into it to make a living… that part is okay. That’s life. I mean in the sense that I sometimes look at the comic as something I HAVE to do, rather than something I WANT to do. I’ll be honest… there’s days I feel like I don’t really have anything interesting to say. I could go on all day about what I think is causing it, but who knows. It happens sometimes. I’m sure it happens to everyone who tries to do something creative on a regular basis. Sometimes you just feel like you’re not really in the groove. And when you start to feel that way, it tends to be self-propogating. The less inspired you feel, the less inspired you’re going to feel. All in all, I think I’ve been half-assing a lot of things lately. The comic is only occasionally up to my personal standards, the website needs a lot of work that I’m not giving it, my actual job is falling way too far to the wayside, and I’m just not happy like that.

Spring and summer are the busy times at the airport. We tend to get a ton of business, and since I try to do the comic at work usually, this means I end up feeling torn between two obligations, and right now I don’t feel like I’m doing either satisfactorally. Hell, half the site is down right now because of an issue with the damn database for the banner system, and I’m dragging my feet to fix it. (I’ll be working on it today, hopefully I can have it figured out shortly) Mostly, I think I’ve been really bad at collecting my thoughts properly, and I always feel scatterbrained.

Thing is, I want to fix that. I never get so bogged down with this crap that I honestly think about quitting the comic. Not gonna happen. I do think, however, that I may take a short break. I don’t know. I’m still contemplating it. Part of me thinks that taking a week off to regroup is a good thing, part of me thinks it’s a cop-out. I don’t know yet. If I did it, I’d make sure to see if I can’t get some guest comics to fill the time, so that you guys still have a reason to visit. I’d get lonely otherwise. :) Getting some guest comics as a buffer might not be a bad idea in any eventuality, anyway. In case I have one of those days. Tell you what… if you feel the urge to draw up a guest comic, send it my way. I’ll hold onto it, and if I do end up deciding that a week off would be good for me, then I’ll put ’em up. If not, I’ll hold onto them for a rainy day, if you don’t mind. (Warning to my cartoonist friends on the left-hand side of this page… I’ll be poking you for a guest comic too. Be prepared. ^^D )

Let’s forget about that for the time being, though, and get some actual news out of the way. I’ve been doing a bit of work on a new wallpaper for the RLSG (i know, i know, it’s been four freaking months. Like I said, I’ve been stressing myself out) It’s good news for all you DorkBoy fans… I had a bit of fun drawing this one. It still needs some finishing touches, but I should have it finished in the next day or two if I manage to pull my head out of my ass. :) Also, if anyone can send me some links to some programs used for outlining or gathering notes together, I’d be much obliged. I liked what I saw from that notes taking program on OS-X, but the fact that it’s not windows-based kinda sucks. If anyone knows anything like it, send me a link. I need to get organized in the worst way.

That’s all. Like I said, just ranting. :)